Monday, January 4, 2010

Independent Testimonial

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Mr. Eugene Chung came to visit us on the 28th Of December 2009. He kindly provided us with the following testimonial.

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Dear Mr. Eugene Chung,

Thank you for visiting us and thank you for such high praises. Actually, Sifu and the practitioners deserve the credit more than me. I'm just happy I'm allowed to learn from sifu and allowed to practice with my TTDI brothers and sisters! Hahaha

I'm looking forward to having that teh tarik!!

Kahar Saidun

Dear Practitioners Yip Kin Wing Chun in TTDI,

Mr. Eugene has kindly put my name as the title but this is actually a testimony to YOUR hard work and dedication. As everybody know, I'm still a nobody within Yip Kin Wing Chun and I still have A LOT to learn. I only seem good because you guys are great! I'm honored to be your friend and be allowed to practice with you guys! Kudos to all of you!

Kahar Saidun

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ECGMA said...

Dear Encik Kahar,
The pleasure was mine. I thank you and your students for the warm welcome and kind hospitality. The quality and enthusiasm from your students is the measure of your teaching skills. If you ain't good, you will be standing in TTDI all by yourself, doing your 'small and big flowers' all by yourself. I visited your TTDI session yesterday Monday 4th Jan. Thank you for introducing me to one of your 'senior' students, Mr. Tam, another interesting bloke with much MA knowledge and internal healing skills. To me, your class truly depict the 1Malaysia model.
You are a testament to your sifu, Sigung Yip Fook Choy. When I compliment you, indirectly, credit to your sifu. You are his 'face' for Yip Kin WC when you are teaching and sharing the gems of knowledge you have gained from your sifu. When you speak/talk wing chun, you are your sifu's voice in the name of the Yip Kin WC lineage. When your students honor and speak highly of you, they too are providing their stamp of approval of excellence of your sifu, Yip Fook Choy sigung.
Your heart is big, your heart is kind. Don't change. Malaysians should look to you as a role model for muhibbah/muhibah (I have been away too long, forgot how to spell the word!!! My apologies).
Take care, my friend. Look forward to the teh tarik, mate!

Guan Gung said...

Thank you!