Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our forms - Providing different energies

Intermediate Forms

  • Kwan Do (春秋大刀)
  • Subdue the Tiger Trident (伏虎大耙)
  • Willow Leaf Double Broadsword (柳葉)
  • Bench
  • Spear (梅花槍)
  • Broadsword and Rattan Shield(单刀籐牌)
  • Broadsword and Rattan Shield vs Subdue the Tiger Trident (单刀籐牌對拆伏虎大耙)
  • Subdue the Tiger Empty Hand Form (伏虎拳)
  • Small 5 Animals Empty Hand Form (小五形拳)

Advanced Forms

  • Iron Elbow - Empty Hand
  • Rope and Weight (飛鉈)
  • Twin Butterfly Knives (蝴蝶雙刀)
  • 3 Section Staff (三節棍)
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