Thursday, January 15, 2009

Basic Training - To get you started

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Stances and Footwork
There are 6 different types of footwork launched from 5 basic stances. All the stances are interchangeable with each other with only at maximum one or less movement in between.

Consist of 6 static postures which a practitioner must hold for a period of time. Its objective other than for health is to develop Qi for use in combat.

7 hands
These are separate techniques like those in 40 point Wing Chun and the San Sik of Yuen Kay Shan Wing Chun. Other than teaching a specific technique, they also teach the basic principles used in Yip Kin Wing Choon.

8 legs
Taken from the 3 empty and forms and 1 wooden dummy form, it is a way to practice the kicks separately for practical use in fighting.

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